20+ Years Jewelry Knowledge

“With a focus on mass produced silver jewelry, our modern facility is equipped with the latest manufacturing machinery.

Our engineering team continuously researches new technologies to increase production efficiency.


All orders are processed efficiently and accurately.


Our highly qualified Quality Control personnel inspect products quality in every step of production.


Final quality control is done piece by piece, comparing customers spec sheets and certified samples.

Specialized in stone setting

"Rose gold ring set with multi colored stones,”

"Gold plated ring covered in gemstones, in all shapes and color’s,”

“Multi plated ring in elegant flower design”

“Long elegant hanging earrings, with blue topaz setting”

"Gold plated ring with multi colored gemstones”


Our sourcing department is in constant communication and negotiation with worldwide suppliers, ensures that all raw materials and accessories comply with international standards while satisfying customers' price and quality requirements. Our large supplier network allows us to efficiently source an unlimited range of materials.